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Beta Version
A beta version of the SDK is now available on the downloads page. The first draft of the documentation is also available.
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Check our "new" technology, the so called Blog.
WSIS 2005
A video about us and our physics engine will travel with the official Egyptian emissary to The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).
BPC 2005
Our team has achieved the third place in the first Business Plan Competition to be held in Egypt.

   nV SDK Early Preview

A beta version of the SDK is available now for download. Also the code for most of the demos is made available at the downloads page.

   nV Physics Demos

Our latest demos, you can interactively navigate the 3D world, and affect objects with different forces, it's your world. This version employs an enhanced near release version of the nV Physics SDK(v0.8). Download it now!


  What is a physics engine?

"A physics engine is a computer program (software component) that using variables such as mass, velocity, friction and wind resistance can simulate and predict effects under different conditions that would approximate what happens in either real life or a fantasy world." --

A physics engine can be used by other software (e.g. games, simulations, CAD/CAM, animation software, etc.) to enhance the way it imitates the real world, to create nice dreamworld effects or to produce highly realistic games and animations.


This is the tool that was used for internal testing/demonstration of the nV Physics SDK, you can interactively navigate the 3D world, place different objects, run the physics, it's your world. This version employs nV SDK(v0.8). Download it now!


  Our Engine:

Our Physics Engine, (currently codenamed ENVY) is still in the early phases of maturity, the existing prototype is going under huge optimization efforts, the APIs are frequently updated and re-engineered as the need shows, and more effective demos are continuously built in new ways.

  Why a physics engine?

The Physics Engine is the first step, in a long plan to invade the gaming industry, starting by building modular distributable building blocks. Physics engines are increasingly relevant to more and more video games, in addition to their use in scientific simulations and animation movie generation.
The physics engine gives you the ability to reach unprecedented levels of realism in modeling physical rules of the real world (or arbitrary imaginary worlds), letting you focus on the logic of your application (be it a game or a simulation program).

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