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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Our main goal?

For so long it's been clear in my head, ... our first goal is to produce the next generation physics engine, to be used and included in fisrt class games, animations, simulations, and virtual reality applications.

To do that we will have to provide all what our competitors in this files have, and more, ... and indeed we have a tough group of competitors:

  • HAVOK (the monster)
  • Ageia (PhysX, Novodex and Meqon combined)
  • ODE (open source and very good IMO)
  • Newton Game Dynamics (new, good and free)
I usually divide them into two groups, big, costy ones (HAVOK and Agea) and good costless ones (ODE and Newton). And as I see it, .. we'll have to place our engine just between those two groups, then move it step by step towards the first, to finally surpass them in quality and features while still much beneath them in cost.

A fine plan I'd say, ... but then, having a fine plan is one thing, executing a fine plan is totally another thing.

Rabena yostor