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Sunday, June 04, 2006

GDC '06 the outcome (Physics)

What got most of my attention in the GDC:

- The Physics for game developers tutorial

Erin Catto had a nice new simple implementation based on Sequential Impulses.

Crister's session about floating point problems was very important (and his book is exceptionally good too)

Gino's 4D sweep is interesting.


Of course Havok's and Ageia's hardware accelerated demos were deliberately staggering, but what really got my breath away in the realm of game physics was Natural Motion's Endorphin.
I really think they are leading the future for character animation in physics controlled environments. (ahem ... ) what I mean is :) that this might very well be the next big thing in the games world. And as far as I know, nobody else does it (with Dynamic Motion Synthesis)

For Natural Motion I raise my hat.

Ahmed El Deeb

GDC '06

Oh, I look so lost ... .

GDC 2006

We've been to the GDC '06, it was one of the best cons we ever attended, we gained a lot, heared a lot, and got motive and hope in creating something befitting this magnificent industry.