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Sunday, June 04, 2006

GDC '06 the outcome (Physics)

What got most of my attention in the GDC:

- The Physics for game developers tutorial

Erin Catto had a nice new simple implementation based on Sequential Impulses.

Crister's session about floating point problems was very important (and his book is exceptionally good too)

Gino's 4D sweep is interesting.


Of course Havok's and Ageia's hardware accelerated demos were deliberately staggering, but what really got my breath away in the realm of game physics was Natural Motion's Endorphin.
I really think they are leading the future for character animation in physics controlled environments. (ahem ... ) what I mean is :) that this might very well be the next big thing in the games world. And as far as I know, nobody else does it (with Dynamic Motion Synthesis)

For Natural Motion I raise my hat.

Ahmed El Deeb

GDC '06

Oh, I look so lost ... .

GDC 2006

We've been to the GDC '06, it was one of the best cons we ever attended, we gained a lot, heared a lot, and got motive and hope in creating something befitting this magnificent industry.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Our main goal?

For so long it's been clear in my head, ... our first goal is to produce the next generation physics engine, to be used and included in fisrt class games, animations, simulations, and virtual reality applications.

To do that we will have to provide all what our competitors in this files have, and more, ... and indeed we have a tough group of competitors:

  • HAVOK (the monster)
  • Ageia (PhysX, Novodex and Meqon combined)
  • ODE (open source and very good IMO)
  • Newton Game Dynamics (new, good and free)
I usually divide them into two groups, big, costy ones (HAVOK and Agea) and good costless ones (ODE and Newton). And as I see it, .. we'll have to place our engine just between those two groups, then move it step by step towards the first, to finally surpass them in quality and features while still much beneath them in cost.

A fine plan I'd say, ... but then, having a fine plan is one thing, executing a fine plan is totally another thing.

Rabena yostor


Monday, November 21, 2005

ID Software

Hats off to this company. It has been our role model/company for a couple of years now. Not only because of the great/wonderful/superb/thrilling/(fill in your own positive adjective) gaming titles (Doom and Quake series for example), but for the fact of the gems they provide to the open source community. With every new title release, ID software releases their previous title source code to the public. So for example, when Quake 4 came out, Quake's 3 engine was published to the open source community.

Its just that these guys are super cool. They beleive that they should share their knowledge and technology and in the same time they provide a challenge to their competitors.
"See, we have released our source code, you are one step behind us now, but we WILL stay ahead of you"

Hope we will reach this level some day..

Rabena Yostor
Mostafa Ashour

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Good To Great

I have been reading an interesting book lately. Its called "Good to Great", it describes the differences between "good" companies and "great companies". It explains how some companies like Gillette (for eg) have broken the boundaries of goodness and passed to the realm of greatness.

Take a look at this excerpt from the book:

"The idea of getting good people may seem self evident, but that's not the point: The point is that the great companies got the best people first, before even planning what to do with them. Then the great companies let those great people set the direction. By contrast, the comparison companies often would have a single genius CEO with a great vision, who would hire thousands to execute his vision. The problem with that technique is that when the genius leaves, the helpers are helpless."

Since currently we are no geniuses, (I hope that changes soon, plastic surgery makes everything possible these days :) ) we are convinced by the idea of building a team of great people. We have started by two, Shady el Mawsely and Mohamed Abed. We would like to welcome them to our team.

Rabena Yostor :)


We are getting famous :)

Founders with the Minister of CIT

Photo in Al Ahram, interview in Al Ahram, soon in ebdo and maybe even the Mail!

3o2bal el money, ...

They say fame and money are spoilers, ... well, ... I don't mind that much getting spoiled :)
But if I am to choose, I'd rather be spoiled with money :)

They say fame and money are spoilers, ... well, ... I don't mind that much getting spoiled. But if I am to choose, I'd rather be spoiled by money.

Rabena yostor

Our Physics Engine

Our physics engine is getting the last tuning to reach the beta stage, we have minor problems with resting contacts, and the joints still need some added stability.

The beta will be available for programmers for free. We are even thinking of conducting a contest for making the best app demonstrating our physics engine.

Hopefully some new videos and demos will be available on the web site (the current ones are getting really old).

Rabena yostor.


The team's population will reach 5 by the start of December 2005

Welcome with us Shady el Mousely and Mohammed Abed, both are talented developers and a great addition.

And beware the leathal 3D products that are to come soon ;)

Rabena Yostor

Monday, November 14, 2005


Help us find an artist..

We are currently seeking an inspired 3D artist, preferably good in 2D arts too.

The work will mostly be 3D models for characters, landscape, and buildings. Low polly stuff for 3D games.

The path is tough, ... rabena yostor.